Montreals First Annual Drone Expo & Race

Saturday June 25th from 10am to 10pm @ Molson Stadium

FPV MTL & Lozeau present the Montreal drone expo in collaboration with IDRA, Drone Nationals and the Canadian drone academy.

Canada's biggest drone racing event with the Canadian qualifier for the IDRA North American cup and the drone national world drone racing championships.

The expo is a great event for all ages to share the passion of flying drones and educate people on how to get into this great hobby.






Saturday June 25th 2016 at Molson Stadium

Drone Pilots
Drone Races

What is the Montreal drone expo?



The montreal drone expo will the held on  Saturday June 25th 2016.

The build and fly your own drone course will be held from april 9th to june 12th and this event will be the culmination of finishing the program for the students. They will be racing their drones that they have built over the 10 week course.


The Montreal Drone Expo will be held at the molson stadium located at 475 Avenue des Pins, Montréal, QC H2W 1S4 you can click here to see the map

Drone Racing

A big part of the expo will be showcasing the new sport of drone racing that has taken the world by storm. We will be holding 6 categories of races:  drone building students, inter-universtity, open beginners open advanced and IDRA north american cup qualifier.  There we will be a total of 64 pilots invited to particiapate to have to the chance to win lots of great prizes.

Learn About Drones

Drones are very new to people and we want to educate people on everything from the technologies to safety. We will have a few speakers in the drone field who will be giving talks on the subject.  We will post the list of speakers once we have finalized the list.

Fly Drones


Have you ever wanted to try and fly a drone?  Well we will be giving you the chance to take a short lesson and then take the controls to see how you do at flying a drone.  From smaller drones to racing drones to aeriel photography we will a variety for everyone.

Win Prizes

We want to make this expo fun for everyone and we have teamed up with some amazing sponsors that have given us some great prizes to give away. You will be able to buy raffle tickets and participate in competition to win all sorts of great prizes for all ages.

Kids Zone


We want to make the Montreal drone expo fun for families so we decided to setup a kid zone for children 7 to 12. We have teamed up with Teeny Drones to create a fun area for kids to learn the basics about how they work, safety and flying drones. Teeny drones will provide easy to fly safe and fun little drone that the kids can have fun and get introduced to the hobby.

First Person Perspective

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to fly like a bird and see what they see. Drones give you a first person view of what its like to fly like a bird in real time through video goggles. We will give you the chance to experience what drone pilots see when they race.